Hands Up Summer!

I'm alive! Sort of. I was insanely busy, and then I just lost motivation to post music, and then I didn't have internet... Yeah, I've got lots of really bad and invalid excuses. I do, however, now have some music to share with you. Over the next month (that'd be August, I realize I'm jumping the gun a bit here), I will be posting summer mixtapes, possibly along with the occasional song depending on how work goes. I made the terrible mistake of not putting a track number for this playlist, so instead of giving you the listing, I'm just going to highlight some of my favorites. Oh yes, and this one, as the title says, is called "Hands Up", so take a stab at what kind of music it is.

Download Here.
If someone can suggest a better host I'm all ears.

If you guessed electronic, you win! You can download the mixtape just like everyone else, good job. So it's a 10 track mixtape, and all of the songs on it I first heard in the month of July, but that doesn't mean that's when they came out. I lacked internet for quite sometime, but let's get into it. I have to of course love Madeon's single, Finale, he keeps lighting up the music world. Fantastic melodies, enough bass and killer vocals. Chameo's track, Hey! is a really up beat, care free, dance track that feels summery. Really shows what the young Dane is capable of.

For me I think the best track for the moment, is Air by UK producer Rouge. He does a great job of taking summer and putting it in a track. Three months from now when we all haven't seen sunlight in as many weeks, I'll turn this on and imagine being in a warm summer night. I'm also partial to the Teenage Crime remix, but that's because those vocals to me are amazing.

So there you have it, my first post in forever. Check back, I promise it will be tops a week until I post again.
Still the best way to keep track of my weird posting habits is my twitter, which is on the side. And not my twitter because I don't see the point of it for personal usage. But that's just me.

I'm out!