Milk and Cookies

Oh my a slightly more together post. School is kicking my ass right now, so I do apologize for the lack or posts. However, hopefully when I do post, you guys love the music just as much I do. Here's DOSVEC with his latest mashup, enjoy it. I did.

I hope you know, by posting two tracks not from the same medium it's killing me inside because it doesn't match up. Oh well, here's Go Home Freshman, they're pretty great.

Here's a third song from NY lyricist Silver Medallion and Texas producer Feature Cuts. They do a good job, the song they say is about chasing love and music, and I almost agree, what else matters? I have to say, some of the dubstep in the middle seems a bit out of place, but otherwise, no real complaints.

So I hope you enjoy the music, play it loud. I'm out.

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