Take Over

School decided to kick me in the teeth these last few days. Here's some music I'm using to forget the fact my mouth is still bleeding.

He's Canadian! Oh yeah! Plus his music is enjoyable, which is [b]really[/b] the important thing here.

Here's some wubwub from two top names in making Alien communication music.

Here's a relatively new female mashup duo out of NY. Clever album name too, Girls Talk. I had a good chuckle, so give a listen and throw some love their way.

I know,not all of them have downloads,but this is what I've been listening to for the last few days, sorry about my infrequent posting. I still love you guys, I'm just super busy with school. My twitter will update when I do post so follow that to not miss any music ♥

I'm out guys, keep on dancing.

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