Call Me

This is Big K.R.I.T, a hip-hop artist I honestly cannot say I knew anything about before I heard this song. It's been going crazy all over the internet, so I figured I'd share it with you guys. He's got an EP coming out, and as I look over his releases it surprises me I haven't heard his name before. Regardless, he kills it on this track, the kind of lyrics that made the greats the best, and makes people spend hours writing 16s. Chill out, relax, take a second to take it in.

In the totally opposite direction, we have a slammin' remix from Ecto Cooler, an LA based producer that is bringing electro to dance floors all over, flying through the rest of the pack and playing at some huge venues. Na Palm is a Hip-Hop artists that I've blogged about before, he's still killin' it as far as I can tell. It's nice to see people working different genres together, creates the kind of synergy that leads to the biggest tracks.

I told you I was busy, but hey, I can't live without new music, so why should you. I'll hopefully get back to a longer(ish) posting once midterms die down. Oh wait, they won't.

I'm out.

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