Take A Walk

This post will be going up a bit later then usual, I overestimated the time it would take to finish some things up this morning. Not to worry, here we go with it! Lancelot in this sense is not a knight of the round table, but instead an artist from Australia. I'd never heard of him before this, but without hearing the original because I currently don't have time, it sounds like he's got some talent. The remix is done by another Australasian, Frames, who's musical prowess I can attest to. Nonetheless, check them out this song, and more of their stuff.

Next up we have a remix by San Fran based White Noize. They did a banging job of amping up the bass hits and turning this track into one that makes you want to dance, check it out!

I love the increase in free music on the web now, it's glorious. I'm out!

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