Mixed Results

Here we go again, another bunch of tunes. G-Eazy just dropped a new track three or four days ago, I just heard it two days ago, it was pretty damn good. His smooth styles and old pop samples are great. Of course, this time he's working with small time artist Dominique LeJeune. Check them both out, her voice is perfect and his verses smooth.

I had honestly completely forgotten about Eat More Cake until a last night when I heard one of the songs of his I have on my iPod while I was doing some work. Regardless, his tunes are killer so I decided to give a little love to him, and it's due for sure. This is pretty different from most of his stuff, but still kills it.

I'm not sure if I've talked about Brenton Duvall before but he's pretty damn talented, as proved by his production skills on this OnCue track. Like damn, it's impressive. Not to over-shadow OnCue, he does an amazing job spitting on this tune, listen up, maybe you'll learn something.

That's all for today. Expect the next post up Monday Morning, I'm traveling on Sunday so I doubt I'll get one up. I'm out.

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