We Can Dance!

I know I missed a day, but it is one of the several weeks from hell I get to experience each semester. So deal with it! And check back decently frequently, because you love new music ♥. I don't normally due this, but because it is Spring Break, well soon for me, already upon some of you, Kap Slap just dropped a mix for the occasion. And damn, it's banging. Usually, I have no attention span so I can't listen to things that last an hour without skipping it, this time however, I enjoyed every damn second. Check it out! It's free, as he says, just bump it.

A friend sent me that picture, and it probably is a lot less funny to those of you who are not sleep deprived. I however, found it hilarious. Anyways, I haven't posted a dubstep track in quite some time I don't think so I figured one was about due. So here's a Weeknd track that got remixed by Chicago based Red Mob. They added some wubs,some wobbles and some hammers. Check them out, it's a free download, so be sure to check them out a bit more then usual, because hey, supporting free music leads to more free music!

Oh yeah, and it's Valentine's day or something, so if you've forgotten, you're completely fucked. But try to make a last ditch effort? If you didn't, I wish you all smooth sailing with whomever you want to express your passion to. That's enough heartfelt-ness to last a life time, I'm out.

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