Lovely Basslines

So I decided to post this song last night, so at this point I'm dedicated to it, but I'm sure at this point it's flying all over the blogosphere just because I saw it spike up last night. I haven't actually checked around, either way, here it is. The Knocks are a NYC based production Duo that have done some pretty huge things in the last little while, they've worked with huge pop names as well as some the biggest names in electronic music, deadmau5 and Calvin Harris jump to mind. And if I'm not mistaken they toured with Ellie Goulding, I'm so jealous, her voice is amazing. Just like these guys' beats. The original was great, so many mixes of it and this one sticks out, listen loud.

So I haven't shown very much Indie-electronic love lately, so I figured I'd switch that up with a track from Owsey who is apparently rather well known considering this track has gotten...well a bunch of plays in less then a day. So check it out, I hope you'll love it.

The picture is from Owsey's facebook. He has some pretty cool photos up so you should check him out. Anyways, I'm out.

Oh yeah, I blogged about MartyParty a little while ago, if you liked it, he dropped his album yesterday, so go check it out here, also some Tour Info.

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