Scale It Back

So with midterms closing in it's time to begin slamming my face into books even more then I already am. I can't do that without music though, so I here's some delicious treats that I found in the last few days. First up we have Styles & Complete, two guys from North Carolina that produce a heavily hip-hop influenced style of electronic music. And damn, they kill it. Check them out, show them some love and all that, they've blowing up.
Slam The Heartbeat (Styles&Complete Mash) Childish Gambino vs. Zedd by Styles&Complete

In a totally different direction is a remix of a College song, I really don't know anything about the guy that did the remix, but he does a pretty damn good job. So check him out, and totally check out this indie-electronic masterpiece.
College Ft. Electric Youth - A Real Hero (Seeley TMK Remix) by Seeley

I hope this helps you through your day. I'm out.

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